Our customers report lead time slashes of over 93%, on average, as a result of our Accelerated Manufacturing
Program™ (AMP).

Modern Ceramics Manufacturing fabricates precision machined ceramic components for the semiconductor, solar, medical, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. With our in-house machine shop, we also produce precision machined plastic and metal parts. Our clean room assembly capabilities allow us to offer turn-key manufacturing solutions.

Have you ever asked yourself or a vendor the following question?

"Why do I have to wait 6-8 weeks for parts that only require a
small amount of processing time?"

Modern's standard lead time for most parts is 4 weeks. However, when prototype or production volume parts are needed quickly, we eliminate long lead times with the development of our Advanced Manufacturing Program™ (AMP). When you need precision machined, high purity alumina ceramic components quickly, you need AMP. Depending on the lead time required, expedite fees may apply.

24 hours or Less
Drawing review & quotation



The First 24 Hours

  • Order Enters AMP
  • Promise/Ship Date Set
  • From our multi-million dollar inventory of 96% - 99.85% alumina ceramic, the job is staged with material and work instructions
  • The required diamond cutting tools and/or wheels are selected from our extensive tool cabinets
  • CNC program is written
  • Fabrication of parts/Diamond grinding begins


1-5 Days

  • Fabrication of parts/Diamond grinding
  • In process inspection
  • Depending on part complexity and lot size, our excess CNC and manual diamond milling, turning, and surface grinding capacity enables us to complete job in 1-5 days (including weekends if required).


+1 Day

  • Assembly (if required)
  • Final Inspection
  • Laser Marking
  • In-house cleaning and packaging of parts (add 1 day for Class 100)
  • Parts Shipment

Modern Ceramics is a zero lag-time manufacturer.

We don't delay orders and our team members work with a sense of urgency.
Large lots or small, we possess an abundance of as-fired 96%, 99.5%, and 99.85% alumina ceramic material in stock.
Our excess of CNC and manual diamond grinding capacity make us capable of processing your order fast and efficiently.

Modern Ceramics possesses the 3 critical components required for a ceramic fabricator to deliver
high quality precision machined ceramic components quickly:

Large Inventory of As-Fired Ceramic Materials

Modern Ceramics has invested in a multi-million dollar inventory of as-fired 96%, 99.5%, and 99.85% (semiconductor grade) alumina ceramic materials.

Learn more about our fine ceramics material inventory

Exceptional Facility and Fabrication Capabilities.

Our skilled workforce is capable of fabricating precision ceramic, plastic, and metal components from simple to complex geometries in a 50,000 sf facility.

Learn more about our facility and fabrication capabilities.

Proficient Engineering and Customer Service Support

Contact our applications and design engineering team today.We possess years of dedicated experience designing and manufacturing parts for the semiconductor, solar, medical, and oil and gas industries.

Contact one of our highly qualified team members.

The marketplace for your product demands accelerated delivery.
We eliminate that bottleneck.
Every single time.

Do you require precision machined ceramic, metal, or plastic components for an application or marketplace where time is critical?
Tap into Modern Ceramics’ Accelerated Manufacturing Program™ (AMP). We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Get your Parts Spinning.