All customers desire a vendor who can produce parts with a high degree of quality and dimensional consistency time after time. Modern Ceramics achieves a high degree of part quality by training and empowering our machinists to make in-process adjustments to ensure drawing specifications are being met.

All machinists are tasked with measuring parts in-process using calibrated equipment. For critical or challenging features that cannot be measured on a CNC mill or lathe, machinists are trained to measure the part on their own in the inspection room. They retrieve inspection programs and operate a CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) to obtain real-time dimensional data. Inspection results are then printed and maintained with the work instruction packet. This system allows the machinists to obtain immediate feedback regarding the dimensional integrity of the part being produced. Most importantly, the machinist is trained to be independent and does not have to wait for an inspector to provide this information or for a set-up specialist to correct the issue.

Our workforce is trained to be self-directed and to make immediate in-process adjustments to ensure drawings specifications are met. This approach helps the machinist to minimize process variability by quickly understanding what changes are taking place; it’s an efficient manufacturing model and a proven method of ensuring quality. A random sample of completed parts go through a final inspection based on an AQL. If a part is found to be out of specification, then all parts are measured 100%.

It is not solely the QC Manager’s responsibility to maintain quality. Each and every employee maintains quality because they are empowered with the tools and knowledge to meet customer drawing specifications and requirements.